Thank you for your interest in a fishing trip with Local Fishing Knowledge on Maui. Listed below is helpful trip information for you to review.

Caught Fish:

We are generally conservative in what we allow to be taken from the ocean, mostly practicing catch and release especially for indigenous reef fish.  For those non-ingenious fish such as Mahi Mahi we will give you enough fillets for a great dinner that night and the remaining fillets will be distributed through out the community to local families. We subscribe to a more humble and traditional Hawaiian lifestyle by sharing with our Maui Ohana.

Sun block:

If you need Sun block please use Reef safe, bio-degradable brands that wont harm our incredible reef systems. Any sun block with this rating will clearly state that it is reef safe on the exterior of the bottle.  Thank you for your help in maintaining a healthy reef system on Maui. 

Drinks and Snacks:

We encourage guests to bring their own “hydro flask,” or the like, filled with water and ice to drink throughout the day. We need your help to move away from single use plastics that severely hurt our fragile eco-system here on Maui.  The massive amount of plastic waste is severely damaging our sea life and ocean environment. We appreciate your support and help in preserving the ocean for future generations. 


If you would like to bring snacks or food, we will have a small cooler to keep them in. Please remember less perishable items are best and choosing food that allows you to keep your sea legs will be important. Each angler will have different preferences, allergies, etc. therefore we leave it to you to know what is best.

Availability and Payment:

Our trips are privately guided and therefore we have only one spot per day available to book. We take payment in full at time of booking to confirm the space and 14 days prior the tour becomes non-refundable except during the festive time frame (December 15- January 05) the tour is non-refundable once booked. We take most major credit cards and use an invoicing system that will issue a receipt confirmation for your reference.

Meeting location and time:

These trips are very true to actual fishing and are based on current ocean and weather conditions in addition to the anglers ability level. We typically depart from the Kihei/Wailea area in the morning. However, the guide scouts and checks the wind, weather and tide reports before confirming the exact meeting location and time the night before between 7-9 pm. Trade winds typically come up in the afternoon making the morning hours the best time of day to be in the water. 


Maui typically has idealic weather year round making for incredible fishing days throughout the year.  The island is broken up into 6 weather systems; commonly a rainy day in one area can be a sunny beautiful day in another. Our tours depart from the beautiful Kihei/Wailea area, which is on the South side of Maui offering more sunny days and the best weather patterns. 


We do our best to look ahead for any potential weather conditions that would prohibit fishing on the day booked and if needed will make changes to the day, location and timing (within our power,) in order to accommodate for any challenging conditions. Weather and ocean conditions are not in our control but we do whatever we can to make each tour the best possible.