The art of Fly Fishing has become a method considered to be the most challenging by fishermen across the globe. The avid Fly Fisherman will tell you that the best tackle to have in your box is "Local Fishing Knowledge" and that is what we are all about.


Fishing on and around the reefs and sand bars of Maui, inaccessible by boat or from land, you will be chauffeured to awesome honey holes for Fly Fishing on a modified tandem (2 seat,) kayak. Equipped with the finest Fly Fishing gear by 

Hardy and the knowledge of an expert guide, our clients are set up with the best opportunity to land their “bucket list,” fish on the fly. 


Our fishery is unique, in that we don’t have typical sand flats. Our living and healthy reef system offers a rock, coral and sand bottom that harbors plenty of prey for our monster bones and the like to feed on year round. The intermittent shallow and deep pockets throughout the reef mandates a blind to sight casting when wading however our Pro Angler kayak will allow for more sight fishing. 


The method and technique we use and implement in our tours has proven successful for many clients in landing their biggest and best fish on the fly. 

The Hawaiian Bone fish is known to grow up to 16-18 lbs but average in the 8 to 10 lbs range. O'io (Bone fish) are not the only species that roam these reefs, among these schools are Jacks and GT's that range from 4 to 40+ lbs. in addition to may other indigenous Hawaiian fish.


Maui offers paradise type conditions year round, making fishing anytime awesome. A student and teacher of the ocean, Captain Jon Jon will show you just where the fish are and how to get them on the hook! 

  • The Oasis kayak is used primarily for transportation in and around our reef system in route to each honey hole. Upon arrival you would drop an anchor, get out of the kayak and

    with Captain Jon Jon & Crew


    fish while wading. The Hobie kayak is equipped with comfortable chairs, rod holders and the ability to fish with up to 3 anglers per guide. In addition to using the fly rod we can also bring spinning gear. This allows for a more diverse boat of anglers, and the option to switch between rod types.

    Water depth ranges with the changes of the tides and fluctuation of the ocean floor. When wading you will experience a range of water hitting from the calf to the chest depending on where the hunt takes you. 


    Knowledge of our incredible reef system is important in finding the “biggest and best,” Hawaiian reef fish and particularly the “ghost of the ocean,” the bone fish. We offer top of the line gear with special flies designed and tied with our fishery in mind. If you enjoy a spectacular setting, being in the water and fishing on the fly, this trips for you.

    1-6 anglers

  • The Pro Angler tour is LFK’s flagship fly fishing tour. This particular kayak allows for the angler to stand… creating an advantage when sighting, casting and fighting fish.  

    with Captain Jon Jon & Crew


    Equipped with comfortable chairs, rod holders and ample storage, the Pro Angler kayak truly is pure luxury for kayak standards. 


    Access is the name of the game when fishing and thats what this tour is all about. From super shallow reefs to the deeper pockets, we can get you there and get you around fish. Maui’s Bonefish waters are very different than any other in the world and it takes local knowledge to crack into the heads of these fish. We tie all our own flies specific for these reefs, and know what works and what doesn’t. If you want a serious fly fishing challenge in one of the most beautiful areas of the world, this tour is for you.

    1-2 anglers

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