Maui Fishing from the shoreline is great fun, with an easy-going approach. You can choose from a more active casting tour in the morning and early day hours or an evening excursion for predator fish during sunset. Each tour is a unique experience with expert guide service and gear.  Included in the rates is equipment (PENN,) tackle and private guide.

Each tour is customized to the number of anglers (1-25,) their ability level and what is optimal fishing for the day. Sunshine, sand, and surf make for a fun fishing adventure on the shores of Maui!

  • The Shoreline Morning Tour will be active casting along the beach, with toes in the sand and palm trees swaying in the 

    with Captain Jon Jon & Crew


    breeze. Each shoreline tour is tailored to the needs of the angler and the best methods to find success. Location and timing will vary based on what is the most optimal for fishing in the Kihei/Wailea area.


    You can choose from a 2, 3 or 4 hour privately guided tour with a minimum of 2 anglers and up to 20.  A great time fishing on the beautiful beaches of Maui Hawaii!


    2hr 2 anglers $450

    3hr 2 anglers $510

    4hr 2 anglers $570


    *Including tax

    Please inquire for discounted pricing on additional anglers.

  • The Evening Shoreline Tour is primarily large dunking rods cast out further in the tide lines to catch predator fish. A casting 

    with Captain Jon Jon & Crew


    rod is used for bait fish that swim in closer to the shore line.

    It is a 4 hour tour that generally starts 2-3 hours before sunset and has a 3 angler minimum. This is a great form of fishing for groups, kids and the like, allowing for a social component with chairs in the sand and the ability to relax or be more active. The evening shoreline tour is a perfect combination of fishing and the amazing ambiance of Maui.

    4hr 3 anglers $855


    *Including tax

    Please inquire for discounted pricing on additional anglers.

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